Schools and Nurseries

Pop Up Polly has performed in nurseries and primary schools for over eighteen years. As a result she is able to provide age specific entertainment that involves interaction, education, participation and most importantly… lots of fun for all!

Pop Up Polly appreciates that some children, especially those who are very young, may be wary of unfamiliar faces, especially those of people dressed up in costume, and introduces herself in a way that puts all children at ease.

Pop Up Polly uses a wealth of familiar stories to engage children. When younger children are involved, Pop Up Polly relies on them to correct her silly mistakes by encouraging children to match colours, count and interact with story telling. For older children, Pop Up Polly provides a more advanced comedic magic show inclusive of competitive elements, which are both fun and educational.

Pop Up Polly has performed in a variety of diverse educational settings, inclusive of (but not limited to), Nurseries, Hospitals, Special Educational Needs Schools, Faith Schools and both Inner City and Rural Schools. For a number of settings, Pop Up Polly’s show is an annual event!

…And of course, for your peace of mind, Pop Up Polly is fully insured and holds a current, enhanced DBS certificate.



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